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The Full Story


 It's not just a matter of wanting to feel safe while diving—it's also important to me that women are encouraged and supported in this industry.

At Syrena Scuba, we believe that anyone can learn to dive.

We offer high-quality, safe instruction in scuba diving and mermaiding. Our goal is to help people who want to learn scuba get their feet wet, so they can dive into the amazing underwater world.



We want our students to feel safe, respected, and empowered as they learn these incredible skills. And we want them to know that they can be confident when they go out into the world after they've learned what we have to teach them.


Our woman instructor wants to help women learn how to scuba dive safely and successfully with us. Anyone who wants to learn how to scuba dive or mermaid (regardless of gender or age) is welcome to join our underwater world.

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